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Large areas of Northern Ireland have been opened up to prospecting for oil and gas, as seen across the world we cannot rely on our Government agencies to protect our community and environment, and it is up to us to ‘Regulate the Regulators’. The only way we as residents of NI can fight this development is by standing together and forming grassroots community groups that are united in protecting our community and environmental well-being. We are linking community groups across Antrim for our common cause.

This site is designed as a shared resource for these groups to express their individual news, views and concerns and to communicate these to the wider community. The addition of content by these groups to this site, does not in any way compromise the individual identity or autonomy of either the contributing group or the site itself.

This site is intended to inform and alert the broader public to the activities of oil and gas exploration companies in the Antrim area and highlight the potential and actual impact these activities have on the environment and to the health and well-being of residents, visitors and generations to come.


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