Global Frackdown Day

Global Frackdown Day

The 19 October 2013 is Global Frackdown Day and Friends of the Earth is running a national Campaign to raise awareness of fracking and to ask people to put their names and addresses to postcards urging the government to ban fracking.

Local events will be taking place across Northern Ireland. Supporters will be present at Ballycastle on Ann Street from 9.00am. In Belfast , postcards are being signed at Corn Market, St Georges Market, and Queens Students Union.

The first Global Frackdown took place on September 2012. The Global Frackdown website explains, “Together as a movement, since the first-ever Global Frackdown, we have:

  • Passed more than 336 measures against fracking, wastewater injection and frack sand mining in communities across the United States
  • Passed a moratorium on fracking in the Delaware River Basin Commission
  • Banned fracking in Longmont, Colorado
  • Passed an indefinite moratorium on fracking in Vermont
  • Upheld bans on fracking in Bulgaria and France, despite intensive pressure from industry
  • Pushed for moratoria in multiple regions in Europe
  • Obtained local referenda on fracking in Romania, which rejected fracking by more than 90 percent
  • Pushed for a ban on fracking in areas for drinking water provision in Germany
  • Passed moratoria on fracking in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic
  • Organized to oppose fracking in communities in Argentina, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt
  • Spurred the introduction of new laws for assessing unconventional gas impacts in Australia
  • Delayed fracking in South Africa and the Republic of Ireland
  • Forced the European Union to start analyzing the risks of fracking in Europe
  • Persuaded 262 Members of the European Parliament – more than a third – to vote in favor of an immediate moratorium on shale gas”

If you disagree with the proposed fracking on the north coast of Ireland, or any part of the United Kingdom and Ireland, this is one way of letting the government know your concerns. Postcards signed locally will be sent to the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

For more information, visit the Global Frackdown website or Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland. No to Fracking and Belfast Not For Shale also support this.

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