Planning application

The following information relates to Planning application (ref e/2013/0093/f).

The proposal is for, “Temporary works of drilling exploratory borehole to approx 2700m depth to investigate underground strata for hydrocarbon exploration under DETI license PL3/10 issued to Rathlin Energy Ltd. Also to temporarily widen road into verge along 60m of Kilmahamogue Road to facilitate safe access. Also car parking, portacabin offices/welfare/workshops and 180m of 4m high perimeter earth bunds within temporary works site. Also a working and storage area of approx. 90m x 130m for cars, HGV loading/unloading, offices, drilling equipment and supplies.”

Further information and associated documentation can be viewed at the DoE Planning Service’s Public Access portal at:

Key documents submitted on behalf of Rathlin Energy Limited include:

Operational summary

Air impact assessment

Hydrogeological risk assessment


Sample objections

Examples of some letters of objection are:

Brian Connolly, resident

Renwick Beattie, resident

Jane Maddalena, resident

Geralyn McCarron, general practitioner, first letter

Geralyn McCarron, general practitioner, second letter

Ewen Friers, resident

Charles Macnaghten, resident business owner

Friends of the Earth

If you share the concerns of the Ballinlea Residents Group or would like to find out more information from us, please email:

We have included a template letter of objection for you to download and expand upon as you wish.

Petroleum Licence Details

The Rathlin Energy Group (“Rathlin”) comprises two companies:- Rathlin Energy Limited is a company registered in Northern Ireland. It was formed in 2007 to undertake oil and natural gas exploration activities in the province. Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited is a company registered in England and Wales. It was formed in 2008 to undertake oil and natural gas exploration activities, initially in Yorkshire. The Rathlin companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Sunderland Holdings Limited, a private company registered in Jersey, Channel Islands. Sunderland is, in turn, wholly owned by Connaught Oil & Gas Limited (“Connaught”), a private company based in Calgary, Canada and registered in the Province of Alberta. The companies have their principal place of business in central London, with local representation in their respective areas of activity as the operations require. Licence (PL3-10) covers the onshore area of the coal bearing sedimentary basin, the Rathlin Basin, stretching between Ballycastle, Limavady and Ballymoney.

  • Licence PL3/10 has been granted to Rathlin Energy Ltd (a Canadian Owned company) to explore and drill in the Rathlin Basin Area with associated guidance notes 

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